Can’t hold a hobo down!

I loved spending time with my family but I felt the need to hit the road again like I always do so I did several days ago and am now on my way to the Western U.S. to meet up with my fellow nomads or what most of us like to call our ‘tribe’. We all feel a common bond when we meet for the first time or meet up with old friends because we all love traveling, exploring new places, camping out in nature and the minimalist lifestyle. I miss my tribe of (hobos, nomads, vagabonds, travelers) and sitting around the campfire with them with some playing guitar, some singing, some dancing (me), taking hikes together and just talking about life. Right now though I’m just settling for mostly overnighting at truckstops and some Walmarts just because I want to get from one destination to the next and I have already explored the areas I wanted to explore on the route I’m taking right now but there may be some new destinations I may stop at along the way 🌺