I Miss Being on the Road in My Van!

I am still staying at a hotel because it is just way too hot in the south at night to sleep in my van. I can’t wait to leave the hotel and get back to my van life. It is a nice hotel and I am enjoying the air conditioning but I am sick of being in the same place everyday looking at the same view out my window. I am also sick of watching TV. I can’t wait to get out of here! I should be hitting the road again at the end of the week after my work here is done. I will then be visiting family for a few weeks in another part of the state. As much as I love my family and seeing them every inch of my mind and soul is telling me I don’t want to stay too long because I want to get back on the road traveling again and to a cooler climate. It is torture for me to be in one spot too long and it is just too dang hot here. I have experienced the freedom of the van life and I don’t want to ever give it up. After having my son living and traveling in my van is the best thing I’ve done in my life and I can’t wait to get back to it! Van life forever! 🚐