Met up with my Tribe in the Desert

On my way to the tribe gathering I took a shower at a truck stop and a trucker overhearing me wanting to pay for shower told the cashier to use some of his credits, so free shower for me. Truckers get free credits for showers for getting their gas at truck stops and they don’t use all the credits. I thought that was pretty cool of him. I met up with my friend I haven’t seen since February and we must of hugged at least eight times. Also met up with about 20 other people that I’ve traveled with in the past and met lots of new cool people and a bunch more people coming in, probably close to 80 vehicles here right now. We are all camping on BLM land near Lake Havasu Arizona which is free government land to camp on. There are even donkeys roaming on the nearby hill ⛰


The Painted Desert in Arizona

The ‘painted desert’ is part of the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona that I was at approximately six months ago. I was driving right by it on Interstate 40 and just couldn’t pass it up because it is so beautiful. I enjoyed spending time there and hiking one of the trails and then hit the road again. I always meet people in my travels and when I tell them I live in my van and stay overnight at rest areas and truck stops they always ask if I am scared staying there of which I advise them no as long as ones not near big cities and I don’t let people see I am a girl alone in a van when at my final destination for the night. They only see me in the morning when I go inside for the restroom or coffee. Most truckers are hard working people (some are women) just trying to make a living and others are travelers like me needing a place just to sleep for the night. The criminals typically don’t drive to places in the middle of nowhere to commit crimes against people and prefer breaking into unoccupied vehicles in cities to steal items or the vehicles and unlike city house dwellers if I get a bad vibe from someone lurking outside I can just hop in my drivers seat and drive away. I am excited to meet up with a friend of mine tomorrow that I haven’t seen since February along with some other friends I haven’t seen in awhile. We are all meeting at a gathering in the desert. I miss our desert gatherings 🌵


Can’t hold a hobo down!

I loved spending time with my family but I felt the need to hit the road again like I always do so I did several days ago and am now on my way to the Western U.S. to meet up with my fellow nomads or what most of us like to call our ‘tribe’. We all feel a common bond when we meet for the first time or meet up with old friends because we all love traveling, exploring new places, camping out in nature and the minimalist lifestyle. I miss my tribe of (hobos, nomads, vagabonds, travelers) and sitting around the campfire with them with some playing guitar, some singing, some dancing (me), taking hikes together and just talking about life. Right now though I’m just settling for mostly overnighting at truckstops and some Walmarts just because I want to get from one destination to the next and I have already explored the areas I wanted to explore on the route I’m taking right now but there may be some new destinations I may stop at along the way 🌺

Family Time

I am enjoying spending time with my family right now so I won’t be blogging on here for awhile. My next adventure will be meeting my son in Las Vegas in mid November when he gets time off of the cruise ship he works on. Happy and safe travels to anyone that is reading this that I hope is getting out there and traveling or that is at least having some cool adventures 🌻

I Miss Being on the Road in My Van!

I am still staying at a hotel because it is just way too hot in the south at night to sleep in my van. I can’t wait to leave the hotel and get back to my van life. It is a nice hotel and I am enjoying the air conditioning but I am sick of being in the same place everyday looking at the same view out my window. I am also sick of watching TV. I can’t wait to get out of here! I should be hitting the road again at the end of the week after my work here is done. I will then be visiting family for a few weeks in another part of the state. As much as I love my family and seeing them every inch of my mind and soul is telling me I don’t want to stay too long because I want to get back on the road traveling again and to a cooler climate. It is torture for me to be in one spot too long and it is just too dang hot here. I have experienced the freedom of the van life and I don’t want to ever give it up. After having my son living and traveling in my van is the best thing I’ve done in my life and I can’t wait to get back to it! Van life forever! 🚐