Staying Overnight at Truck Stops

I have been mainly staying overnight at truck stops since I just need a place to park my van to sleep for the night on my way to my next destination. I am at one right now. Walmarts use to be my favorite place to stay overnight between destinations but I always have to call ahead to make sure they allow it because not all of them do and I often get transfered to several people when I call because they aren’t sure if they allow it. Also, sometimes they say they allow it but when I get there they have signs everywhere prohibiting it. However, truck stops always allow it so I don’t need to call to ask which is why I now prefer staying overnight at them over Walmart. Also, truck stops have everything I need besides a parking space. They have gas, laundry facilities, showers, restaurants and a good cup of coffee in the morning. I also like that they are open 24 hours with lots of people around and I like the sounds of the trucks. They have a relaxing hum to them. I know, I am wierd 😁 The only time I have felt uncomfortable at truck stops were at ones in or near big cities because of shady looking locals that hang out there like the one I stayed at in Memphis so I could go to Graceland in the morning. I now avoid those truck stops. When picking out a truck stop for the night I search for ‘truck stops’ on my navigation in the direction I am headed and zoom in on the satelite view to make sure it is away from big cities and populated areas. Although I prefer truck stops between destinations I really miss camping in all of the great forests, deserts and BLM land that is more abundant in the Western part of the U.S. I also miss my van dwelling and RV friends I have met on the road that are mainly out West. Several of them have texted me asking when I will be headed that way again which made me feel good 😊 Since I have pretty much traveled the entire country (and parts of Canada) in my van going to most of the places I have wanted to go I plan on slowing it down when I get out West again sometime in December after heading South to visit family. I am looking forward to visiting with my family ❤️