Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

I enjoyed exploring Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. I drove along Skyline Drive and stopped on the many turnouts with beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I also went on a nice hike. It is the start of the changing leaf colors. I really enjoy exploring the national parks after summer is over because they are a lot less crowded. If I didn’t have the annual pass for the national parks and national monuments I went to over the past nine months I would have spent at least $500 since a lot of the parks cost $20-$30 each. The annual pass was so worth the $80 I paid for it and it is still good for another three months. The road I took out West was a lot prettier of a drive and less congested than I95. However, I didn’t realize it is very popular with truck drivers. I always get a little nervous around the big trucks because an accident with one of them would be worse than an accident with a regular size vehicle. Most of the truck drivers try to leave enough space in front of them if they have to stop quickly but then other drivers drive right into their space. I have also had to deal with bad truck drivers that don’t leave any space and get right up to my bumper to scare me to moving out of their way even though I have nowhere to go. I have learned that if I can’t get into another lane to get away from them to speed up to get into another lane even though it means I will be driving over the speed limit until I can get over because I don’t want them behind me. I remember in my torts class in law school my professor telling us that the attorneys for the trucking companies instruct them to instruct their drivers that if there is a chance of fishtailing if they hit their brakes they should instead run over the car in front of them, I assume because of less liability. I confirmed this with three truck drivers I have met. I always try to stay away from them if I can avoid it. Also, if I am in the left lane and a truck is in the lane on the right of me and there is a vehicle merging into their lane from their right a lot slower than the truck is moving I will slow down and let the truck get in front of me. I don’t want anyone to get run over. Please keep all this in mind when you are on the road with the big trucks 🚚