Portland, Maine

Yesterday I spent the day in Portland, Maine and met up with my son because the ship he works on was docked there for the day. I took my son out for lobster because when you’re in Maine you gotta have lobster, except for me of course because I am a vegetarian. I try not to push my vegetarian ways on my son. We had fun walking around the old port area.  I was told that in Maine the weather can change very quickly so you always have to be prepared. It was really clear and warm when I got to Portland but within a few hours there was a dense fog that came in that brought really cold air with it. You could hardly see the ship and I had to go back to my van to get a couple of jackets for us. Last night I stayed overnight at Cabela’s which is a camping store chain up in this area that allows free overnight parking. Today I felt like Goldilocks looking for the perfect parking spot for the night. I didn’t like the Walmart and truck stop I went to because both looked like they were in bad areas. Apparently there are a lot of bad areas in Connecticut. I went to another Walmart that told me over the phone that I can park overnight there but when I got there I saw signs everywhere that stated ‘no overnight parking by police order’. I didn’t want to take a chance staying there and found a travel service plaza off the interstate that allowed overnight parking. I almost was going to stealth park at a hotel. I have to catch up on work tomorrow so I may not drive much. Since I just work part-time I usually let my work pile up for a few days and then I do it all at once to get it out of the way so I can have fun again 🌻