Vermont and New Hampshire

Last night I stayed in the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont at a free camping area called the Old Airfield. They actually mow the area, have fire rings and pit toilets. I met a couple there that took a year off from their careers as engineers to travel in an RV. I told the woman that they should try to find a way to do their jobs remotely so they can travel longer. I told her that I work remotely as a lawyer. She told me that she has seen my blog. I said ‘hobo lawyer?’ and she said ‘yes’. I didn’t think that many people have seen my blog. I rarely tell anyone about it since I mainly started it so my family knows where I’m at and what I’m doing. I hope other people enjoy it too though. She said my blog came up on a website that lists full-time travelers’ blogs. Today I enjoyed driving part of the 100 Route Scenic Byway in Vermont which is a scenic two lane curvy road that goes by a lot of country homes, general stores, antique shops and places that sell maple syrup. On my dad’s recommendation I then went to Fraconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire and went to Flume Gorge in the park, which is beautiful gorge. I am now camping at another free campsite in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. I love my campsite because it is very quiet and secluded without any neighbors nearby. I love hanging out with other people but I also love the peacefulness of just being alone in a beautiful forest. I am going to camp here until after Labor Day weekend so I can avoid the holiday traffic on the roads and since I have a great campsite with cell service (although not the best cell service)  so I can get some work done and research online where I want to go next 🌻