Hiking Day in Connecticut

It turns out there isn’t a lot of fall foliage to see just yet but since I am traveling through New England over the next couple of months I have plenty of time to see the changing leaf colors. I didn’t do any interstate driving today because I wanted to drive the more scenic roads. I drove around pretty Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. I then drove to Macedonia Brook State Park in Connecticut to go on a hike. I hung out with one of the employees there for about a half hour because he wanted to talk to me about traveling in a truck and 5th wheel when he retires next year. I suggested a van because it’s a lot more convenient but I realize vans aren’t for everyone as usually people that are new to living on the road want more of the conveniences of a home that they are use to, such as having showers and regular bathrooms. I much prefer my van to traveling with the truck and 5th wheel I had several years ago. I saw a sign for the Appalachian Trail on  the way to the park so I went back to it and hiked part of it. While there I met a nice couple that’s backpacking sections of the trail. I was thinking of doing the same  thing somewhere along the Appalachian Trail, maybe in Vermont or Maine, since I have my backpack and my backpacker tent in my van. The Appalachian Trail is approximately 2200 miles long. It goes from Georgia to Maine. A lot of people try to do the whole thing but not many make it to the end, which would probably be me if I attempted to do it. I am happy just hiking sections of it 🌳