New England and Fall Foliage Tour

The last couple of nights I slept overnight in my van on a side street by an apartment complex in Bayonne, New Jersey which worked out well. It was quiet and only 5 minutes from the port to see my son. When I drove into the New York City/New Jersey area on Friday there was mad traffic, aggressive drivers and all these turns I had to take. I was so glad my navigation talks to me because I wouldn’t of wanted to glance at my phone, not even for a second. I needed to watch out for the crazy drivers and pay attention to where I was going. However, leaving the area on a Sunday morning was way better. I’m going to have to remember to travel on Sunday mornings when near big cities from now on. I had to pay a lot for tolls in the area including $15 alone just to go over the George Washington Bridge. I guess the poor people stay at home. I was going to head to the Catskill Mountains this morning but when I woke up I pulled out my Lonely Planet book called USA’s Best Trips. I had bookmarked the page that is titled ‘Fall Foilage Tour’ which is a road trip that goes through the New England states with the best viewing spots for the changing leaf colors, so I decided that’s what I’m going to do. Part of the road trip has views of the Catskill Mountains. Most people would probably be embarrassed to admit this but since I don’t embarass easily because I care less and less about what people think of me the older I get I will admit that I actually thought New England was a state, like New York 😁 but now I know it’s an area consisting of several states – Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampsire, Vermont and Maine. I am looking forward to going to all of those states. I am in Connecticut right now at a rest area where I have been most of the day trying to catch up with work still because I don’t know if the next place I’m staying at is going to have cell service and therefore internet. Most of the best boondocking places I have been to didn’t have cell service or had bad cell service. The rest area I am at has beautiful trees where the leaves are changing colors, a preview of more to come 🌿