Boo Boo Bear Day!

I woke up early this morning and drove to the end of the port to the same park I was at yesterday to watch the sunrise with NYC in the background. I hung out with this nice guy that drove there on his motorcycle. He said he was at the Sturgis motorcycle rally I was at a few weeks ago. He told me that he drives there every morning to watch the sunrise and clean up the park because he said the city doesn’t. He had on this reflective shirt that said ‘Babe’ on the front of it so I guess that was his name. We watched the ship that my son works on dock at the port. I was so happy to see my son! I went on the ship as his guest. They even let me eat at the delicious buffet with him of which I definitely over indulged. He then gave me a tour of the many venues on the ship that he works at as a lighting technician. Everyone I met that works with him kept telling me how great he is and how he is always willing to help where needed. His boss told me they were short a lighting technician for one of the venues and knew he could count on my son to take on the extra work until they got a new one. Even the people he doesn’t work with directly had great things to say about him. I am one proud momma! I stuck around to watch the ship head to sea. My son hung out on this thing that pops out of the side of the ship while it was taking off so we could wave at each other. I didn’t put a close up picture of my son on here because I didn’t think he would want me to because I keep calling him ‘boo boo bear’ on here. I think it is cool that we both live in homes that move and that go to exciting places. He is off to Bermuda and tomorrow I will be off to the Catskill Mountains 🏞