I am Going to See Boo Boo Bear Tomorrow!

I prefer camping in forests or deserts which are more abundant on the West Coast. However, I have spent a lot of nights at truck stops lately because I was in route to New Jersey to see my son. He got me a day pass to hang out with him tomorrow on the cruiseship he works on when it docks in Bayonne, New Jersey in the morning. I am so excited to see him! He made me promise to not call him ‘boo boo bear’ in front of anyone (I did that at his old school and some of the other kids started calling him that 😬). I am stealth parked in Bayonne for the night hiding that sleeping in my van by keeping my lights off inside since there are no truck stops or Walmarts that allow overnight parking nearby. Today I went to the Tear Drop Memorial at the end of the port that is a beautiful park with memorials for the 911 victims that lived in Bayonne. Bayonne is a quick train ride into New York City. You can see the New York skyline from the park. At one of the memorials there was a touching letter that a 16 year old girl wrote about terrorism to god and to the people that died in 911 and to their families. I really like that NYC erected a building taller than all of the other buildings in the city to replace the twin towers because it sends a message to the terrorists that we won’t let them terrorize us. I don’t plan on going into the city. I have been there many times. The last time was with my son about 4 years ago when I was a full-time RVer with a truck and a 5th wheel. I paid about $100 a night to park at this RV park that was really just a parking space with electric and water at a marina in Jersey City that was a subway ride to NYC. So much cheaper (like free) and easier doing this full-time in a van. I don’t need reservations and I can park pretty much anywhere in my van since I just need a regular parking space 🚐