Bye Ohio and Pennsylvania and Hello New Jersey

It seemed like right after I left Ohio and entered Pennsylvania it immediately got more pretty. Last night I stayed at a travel plaza/truck stop and this morning I drove to Hickory Run State Park and went on a nice hike and then worked on my bed that doubles as my office with my back doors open with a pretty view of the park. Usually I don’t work that much but for some reason this week I’ve had a lot of work to do. I don’t enjoy my work but it pays the bills and having a pretty view of the park while working makes it a little better. I was originally planning on quitting being an attorney when I set out full-time in my van and then after my savings ran out I was going to get a seasonal job working six months or so at a national park and then travel the rest of the time because that would be more enjoyable to me. I love the outdoors and our national parks. However, the attorney work pays better and I don’t have to work that much. Who knows maybe one day I will be hobo park lady instead of hobo lawyer. I am at another travel plaza/truck stop in New Jersey right now. This may sound wierd but I actually like the sounds of the trucks running all night at the truck stops, kind of relaxing to me 🚛