Eclipse in Ohio

I hit the road again today. I stopped in a small town in Ohio to go to the post office to send out some work mail and to buy groceries. While I was at the grocery store I realized it was eclipse time so I took out my eclipse glasses that I bought at a national park a few weeks ago and looked up at the sun. I thought it was so cool to see the moon covering part of the sun. I hung out at that grocery store parking lot for about an hour watching the eclipse progression. In order to take the picture below I put my eclipse glasses against my camera on my phone and took the picture while holding my camera up to the sun. It ended up going all the way to about 80% coverage of the moon over the sun where I am at. I then went to pump gas at the gas station by the grocery store. I was so excited about the eclipse that I asked the guy pumping gas in front of me if he has seen it. He said he didn’t so I showed him my eclipse glasses and asked him if he wanted to see it which he did. He was so excited to see it that he thanked me at least six times. So then I decided to spread the eclipse joy to everybody at the gas station. I walked up to everyone one by one showing them my eclipse glasses and asking if they wanted to see the eclipse which most did and were happy to see except for one grumpy guy that looked at me like I was crazy. It was the most fun I have had at a gas station πŸŒπŸŒžπŸŒ›