The Beach, a River and a Casino

I am enjoying my time in New Buffalo, Michigan. I went to the beach yesterday and today we took a walk by the river and then went to the casino where my second cousin met her boyfriend that she has been with for 10 years. Watching the people gambling in the casino made me a little sad because they all looked so serious. I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them are gambling addicts gambling away their mortgage payments or other bills they need to pay. I put a dollar in a slot machine and after losing it in about one second walked away. That was enough for me. We ate some great food at the Hard Rock Cafe. The casino gave my cousin and her boyfriend free food credits to lure them to the casino to gamble, which they did a little bit of but were smart enough to stop while they were ahead. We listened to this really talented guy play guitar and sing on the outside deck while we were eating. It is really hot here. I walked around the neighborhood and took a nice walk on the beach this evening when it wasn’t as hot. Every day that I have been here I have seen deer running around the neighborhood. I never associated deer with being near the beach. I will end with a quote I saw recently that I really like – “Time is the most precious currency. Get out there and spend it wisely”, which I intend to keep doing ⌛️