No More Hotels and Rocky Mountain National Park

There wasn’t any free dispersed camping in the forest near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado except down forest roads that we were told were very rough and required 4×4 vehicles and the campgrounds I called were booked. I have stealth parked (hiding that sleeping in my van) at many hotel parking lots so I know I can always rely on that for staying the night. However, at this one hotel I decided to ask the hotel clerk if we could pay to park overnight. After talking to her manager she said we could stay overnight in the parking lot for free since no available hotel rooms there. However, my boyfriend wanted to stay in a hotel room so we each paid for one night for the weekend at a different hotel that had availability. I don’t like wasting my money on a hotel and I prefer my comfy bed in my van to a hotel bed but I tried sleeping in the hotel bed last night. At 1am I still couldn’t get comfortable in the bed and gave up and went to my van to sleep. I am in my van bed right now to sleep again for the night. I told my boyfriend no more hotels for me, only hotel parking lots😁 I did enjoy watching movies in the hotel room and using the shower though but I would much rather stay the night in my comfy little home on wheels😊 Today we went into the park and walked around some beautiful lakes. Colorado is one beautiful state. I plan on coming back here every summer. IMG_8790IMG_8797