Stealth Parking, Small Town Parade and the Continental Divide

A few days ago I couldn’t find the free dispersed camping that I was looking for in Vail, Colorado and asked a couple walking in this expensive neighborhood that I ended up in where I can sleep overnight in my van. They looked at me like I was crazy and said there was none. I explained to them that I converted my van to a camper. They still looked at me like I was crazy. I ended up parking on a side street where some cars were parked in that fancy neighborhood, so there was free overnight parking there 😁At night I kept my inside light off to keep it on the down low that sleeping in my van. I was happy to have five bars of cell service and surfed the web a lot that evening. Yesterday I stopped in Frisco, Colorado which is a cute small town to do laundry and stumbled upon their 4th of July celebration with a parade. I also stopped in Breckenridge to check out their 4th of July celebration and then spent the night camped in the forest for free at the top of a mountain at the Continental Divide about 11 miles South of Breckenridge. The drive up was a little scary but the view was beautiful. Cell service has been pretty spotty in the small towns I am driving through so I stopped at a local library to use their wifi📱IMG_8605IMG_8609IMG_8612IMG_8614IMG_8615IMG_8616