Beautiful Aspen, Colorado

We are camping at this beautiful campsite by a river in the forest with views of the snow capped mountains. We are 11 miles from downtown Aspen. Aspen is an expensive city to vacation in for most people, but not for us since it is free for us to camp in the forest. We had to drive down a road with high drop offs that narrowed a few times to one lane with traffic going both directions where you have to slow down to 15 mph to get to our campsite, which was a little hard for me with my fear of heights but worth the drive. We don’t have any cell service (and therefore no internet) at our campsite so a few days ago I set up my office at a picnic table at the beautiful John Denver Sanctuary in downtown Aspen. Everyone else in our group jumped on their cell phones at the picnic table also to take advantage of the cell service. I had another friend join us a few days ago so there are now five of us camping together. Over the last couple of days we hiked to an ice cave, a few waterfalls, some boulders and up and down some beautiful mountains near our campsite. Colorado is one of the most beautiful states I have spent time in. I am looking forward to spending more time here  🏞IMG_8448IMG_8449IMG_8455IMG_8466IMG_8468