Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks in Utah

On our last day exploring the North rim of the Grand Canyon we pulled over to watch a herd of bison. The next day we headed to Zion National Park which was extremely hot (115 degrees) so we decided to see the sights from the free shuttle bus that travels throughout the park. It wasn’t air-conditioned but they had lots of windows with a breeze flowing through when the bus was moving. It was so hot we all ended up staying at a hotel that night. The next morning we took off for Bryce Canyon National Park and are now camping for free right outside the park in the national forest at higher elevation than Zion, so cooler weather. When the weather gets hot we just head for the hills. We can see an RV park in the distance from where we are camped where people are paying to be crammed in right next to each other, which I thougt was funny. If they only knew about the free camping in the nearby beautiful forest. We have seen several deer near our campsite. There is a huge wildfire not far from us where we can see a cloud of smoke in the sky. We are keeping an eye on it just in case we have to evacuate since it isn’t contained yet. My aunt’s friend works at Bryce and went on a hike with us along the rim of the canyon yesterday, which was a beautiful hike 🌳IMG_8213.JPG