Living in a Walmart Parking Lot and the Grand Canyon

A few nights ago we stayed overnight in a Walmart parking lot in Lake Powell, Arizona and since we parked in the back of the building instead of the usual front we made ourselves at home. We kept our doors open, put out chairs, put out a solar panel and one of us even did yoga in the parking lot since beautiful scenery behind the Walmart – she got some funny looks from people that drove by but we didn’t care. The yoga girl usually sleeps in a tent so I let her sleep on my van floor which worked out good. We didn’t want to make ourselves to at home by putting up a tent 😁 We passed some beautiful scenery on the way to the North rim of the Grand Canyon. We found a great camping spot in the national forest right outside Grand Canyon National Park that was free and a close drive to the East rim of the Grand Canyon (where I go for a phone and Internet connection) and not too far away from the North rim of the Grand Canyon. We went to the North rim yesterday. It is less crowded and more peaceful than the South side of the Grand Canyon and has a mostly shaded trail along the rim that we hiked, so I was glad to visit there 🌳