Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell

The last two nights we camped at a really nice free campground at Navajo National Monument in Arizona. It was well maintained with bathrooms, garbage cans, picnic tables, water and paved sites. We were surprised it was free since most places in Navajo Nation charge for everything. Yesterday we drove through Monument Valley and went to Monument Valley Tribal Park ($20 a car load) for the best views of Monument Valley. I had a picture of Monument Valley on my screensaver for years not knowing what it was or where it was so I was excited to finally see it in person. In the park I saw a sign of two characters peeing and pooping with a slash across it showing not to, which made me laugh. I guess tourists pee and poop everywhere but a toilet since this is the second ‘no pooping’ sign I have seen this week that wasn’t near a toilet. Today we hit the road headed towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Along the way we stopped at Antelope Canyon to take a tour, so worth the $48 per person fee. The only way to see it is if you take a tour since it is on Navajo land. It was absolutely beautiful. We then drove to Lake Powell which was beautiful but hot at over 100 degrees. We are now hoboing it staying overnight in a Walmart parking lot behind the building. We have a nice view of the surrounding area from our back windows and since close to the building we get free wifi 🌻IMG_7844IMG_7862IMG_7934IMG_7959IMG_7971IMG_8066