Leaving Colorado and Headed to Arizona

For the last two days we have been camping in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. There wasn’t any decent free camping nearby and we were able to use my aunt’s senior rate of 1/2 off for camping in the park which came to $15 a night. With two of us at each site it only came to $7.50 each a night. The showers and free wifi were worth that. I really needed the wifi to get a lot of work done since spotty cell service to use my hot spot. The showers were nice but apparently people poop in the showers (eww!) because they actually have signs regarding it, so wierd. We drove up to the cliff dwellings in the park where Indians lived many years ago. I really tested my fear of heights driving up along the cliff to the campground and going on a tour of one of the cliff dwellings. I’m getting a little more comfortable with heights though. Headed out now toward the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with several stops along the way. Meeting up with everyone at a free campsite at a national monument that I found 🌺IMG_7756IMG_7760IMG_7771