Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico

I am camping in the Santa Fe National Forest at a free campsite at the top of the mountain that has restrooms, garbage cans, picnic tables and fire rings with a beautiful campsite next to a babbling brook that is relaxing to listen to, which is luxury camping to me. Most people that camp here camp the night before embarking on an overnight backpacking trip further up the mountain. The only way I can get cell service is if I walk up several hills in one direction. I also get wifi walking up several hills in the other direction where there is a ski school that is closed for the season. The office is open and the woman working there was nice enough to give me the wifi password so I can get wifi just sitting outside the building. I would love to post pictures of how beautiful it is here but my cell service and the wifi connection are not good enough to download pictures. I took a hike up the mountain yesterday and actually saw snow. My fingers swelled up and I realized it was due to the altitude, but the swelling went away when I got back down to our campsite which is still pretty high at 10,000 feet. I am not used to hiking up mountains so I am really getting my exercise between the hikes and the hills trying to use my cell phone and to have wifi so that I can work, etc. I am camping with three friends and my aunt and her friend that just joined us today. I an super happy to have my aunt and her friend here to  travel with us for a while. My aunt is sleeping in her minivan were she has a nice bed built inside and a nice kitchen she built at the back of her van to access from the outside. Her friend is sleeping in her tent. My aunt told me that she checked out one of the paid campgrounds in the forest and that our free campsite is much nicer. It seems crazy to me to pay for camping when there is free camping nearby. So glad I discovered all this free camping. I am the only person in our group that works but atleast with technology I can work remotely part-time while traveling full-time 🌺