Cows Invaded Our Camp!

Over the last couple of days we have seen a huge truck drive by our camp area atleast five times loaded with cows that they unloaded nearby in the forest we are staying in. There weren’t any cows here when we got here. I have stayed overnight in several cow pastures while camping in national forests. I believe the forest service leases out the land to farmers to keep their cattle. There are cattle guards that you drive over at the entrance to the forest that keeps the cattle from getting out. Not sure where the cows here were relocated from. As the day has progressed the cows have moved closer and closer to our camp area. I just took the last two pictures below of cows that came right up to the back of my van. I am enjoying watching and listening to the cows. I will have to dodge the big piles of cow dung they are leaving behind though when outside of my van. The cows are making so many interesting sounds that I had to Google it. I found out they are communicating with each other. Some are calling out to their babies and each cow makes a different noise so that their baby knows it is them and if a high pitched sound they are stressed because they can’t find their baby. I didn’t realize there are so many versions of ‘moo’ that a cow can make. Unfortunately these cows will probably end up being hamburgers and steak dinners. I am so glad I am a vegetarian. They are too cute too eat 🐄IMG_7438IMG_7446IMG_7455IMG_7456