Band Camp is Awesome!

As stated in my previous blog entry I’m calling our camp ‘Band Camp’ because of all of the musicians we have here. Last night we had a dance party. I had a lot of fun dancing with everyone. I invited some of our neighbors over from the ATV group that danced with us and had one of their kids use the microphone to sing for us. Afterwards they gave me a ride on their ATV. We did donuts and went flying up and down hills, so much fun! I am also enjoying forest walks and potluck dinners with my camp mates. Today one of my camp mates gave lessons on shooting an air rifle and another one gave lessons on how to use a bow and arrow. I didn’t try the air rifle but I tried the bow and arrow. On my fourth try I actually hit the target, which was a small circle in a tree. I am having so much fun at band camp! 🤗IMG_7362IMG_7366IMG_7401IMG_7404