ATVs, Band Camp and Taking a Bath at a Truckstop

A lot of RVs towing ATVs came into our camp area for memorial day weekend probably because there are tons of dirt roads and trails here. My goal is to get a ride on an ATV before the weekend is over. The ATVers posted signs in front of their camp area with ‘Camp Wannabeer’ on them so I decided to name our camp ‘Band Camp’ because we have a lot of musicians at our camp. Several of my camp mates jammed out last night with two playing guitar, one playing her ukulele and singing and another one playing a drum. They sounded great. There is also someone here who set up a recording studio in his RV. He travels around the U.S. and records people for free and then gives them a free CD of their music just because he enjoys it. The link to his facebook page for his rolling recording studio is if you’re interested in seeing the video he has on it and to get to know one of the great people I am hanging out with. Two more people joined us today. It kind of feels like the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous I went to in January but on a much smaller scale. We are rubber tramps (people that travel in vehicles) and we are rendezvouing. Today I went to a truck stop I haven’t been to before to get a shower since it’s been over a week since I washed my hair and I prefer a shower to do it in (baby wipes keep the rest of me clean in the meantime) and it was the nicest truck stop I’ve ever been to. I paid the lady the $10 for the shower and when she handed me my towels she asked if I wanted soap, shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath, all included. I was kind of confused about the bubble bath until I went to my shower room and saw that there was a bathtub next to the shower like there would be in someone’s house. First time I’ve seen a bathtub at a truck stop, kind of cool. I guess some truckers like baths 🐥IMG_7355