New People and Night Blooming Flowers

I was reading forum posts online from this website I often go to on the mobile lifestyle that I lead and two people posted that they are new to living full-time in their vehicles, that they just arrived in Flagstaff and wanted to meet others, so  with the approval of my camp mates I invited them to our campsite. They ended up being a great addition to our group. They both live in SUVs. A couple in an RV  that one of my camp mates met at a different  camping area in Arizona also joined us today. The husband is a composer for music used in video games that he does remotely from their RV. I am the only other person in our group that works, which I had to do a little of today. Most everyone in our group is retired. I enjoyed hanging out with everyone around the campfire tonight listening to Beatles music and sharing stories. We noticed that every night that we have been here there are these pretty yellow flowers that only bloom at night and then fold up and disappear in the morning. I googled it and found out they’re called evening primrose flowers. I never knew until now that there are flowers the only bloom at night 🌼IMG_7337IMG_7342