Lake Mead and Historic Railway Trail

We watched a beautiful sunset over Lake Mead from our campsite last night. We camped at an area called Government Wash which has free dispersed camping within Lake Mead Recreation Area. Usually I try to stay overnight at places far from big cities to avoid the criminal element but since Las Vegas is only 30 to 45 minutes away depending on what side of town you’re going to there was some shady looking characters staying in the area. There was a car parked near us with some people in it and a girl outside calling for someone. This guy then comes strolling out of the ditch dragging this filthy blanket behind him from where he was obviously sleeping. They came back again the next day. We assumed they stayed out all night in Las Vegas and then just come here in the daytime to sleep and hang out. They made me a little nervous until my friend pointed out that after staying out all night in Las Vegas this is probably home for them and they’re not going to cause any problems to ruin staying here. I always keep my door locked with my tazer and my mace on my nightstand just in case. I also have a panic button to set off my alarm system. We didn’t have any problems. Today we hiked the Historic Railroad Trail through tunnels where there once was trains that brought supplies to the Hoover Dam when it was being constructed. I may check out the Hoover Dam tomorrow. It is starting to get hot here so I’m going to hit the road again tomorrow back up into the mountains where it’s not as cold as it was before. IMG_7256IMG_7265IMG_7282IMG_7283