Neon Signs and Dead Bodies

This morning I went to the Neon Museum for a tour of the old Las Vegas neon signs and to learn some Las Vegas history. I heard about the sign graveyard several years ago and have been wanting to go there. I took a long walk on the Las Vegas strip this afternoon and I went to the Real Bodies exhibit at Bally’s this evening. They are bodies that were donated, dissected and preserved so that we can learn more about our bodies. I thought it was fascinating. I ended the night with a stroll along the Las Vegas strip enjoying all of the lights and watching all of the people. I am now comfy in my bed in a parking lot of one of the resorts on a nicer part of the strip than last night that costs $10 a day to park. Not sure if I am allowed to sleep in my van overnight so I am keeping my lights off. For all they know I could be sleeping in the hotel or up gambling all night 😁IMG_6994IMG_7005IMG_7007IMG_7029IMG_7070IMG_7076IMG_7088IMG_7089IMG_7091IMG_7103IMG_7104IMG_7119IMG_7126