Live Reality Show

I am mostly camping with people that have YouTube channels on their rv and van life adventures, some with rather large followings and fans that treat them like celebrities. One of them has 105,000 subscribers with a parody skit that recently was on Comedy Central. They are all pretty funny and I am enjoying hanging out with them. They are always filming at our campsite. I let them know I don’t want any close ups of me on camera but am okay with being in the background, which they are respecting. So me and my van are in the background of several videos. One of them took a video of the inside of my van for her YouTube channel. You need to have a big following to make money with advertisements that play before a YouTube video. Today while I was doing my lawyer work in my van with my side doors open I watched as one of the YouTubers fans showed up with gifts after driving four hours since they sent her directions to our campsite. They filmed her when she drove into our campsite with this great comedy routine that I felt like I was watching a live reality show from my van, better than tv. I am definitely being entertained out here. I haven’t received great cell service at a lot of the campsites I’ve been at since there are usually out in the boondocks so I bought a booster for $179 at Best Buy called We Boost for vehicles. The antenna has a magnet on the bottom that I placed on the roof of my van and I ran a wire through my window to the 6 volt outlet in the van with another wire that goes from the outlet to this cradle that I put my phone in. It worked great! I have learned a lot of tips that have helped me on the road from fellow rvers and van dwellers that I have met along the way and from YouTube videos, which I am grateful for 🌷