Walnut Canyon National Monument

There was a little snow yesterday but it melted before it hit the ground, but still cool for me to see. After the weather cleared up I drove to nearby Walnut Canyon National Monument to see ancient cliff dwellings that people use to live in up to 800 years ago. I also went on a hike and saw several deer who stared at me for awhile before trotting off. My America the Beautiful pass saved me the entrance fee because the pass includes national monuments. I was camping by myself for the first two nights here because my friend from Tucson wanted to wait for the weather to clear up before coming here. She is coming here today. Yesterday I found some people camping nearby that I met at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in January that invited me to camp with them, which I am doing now. I enjoyed hanging out with them last night around the campfire. They are mostly RVers with one box truck dweller and another cargo van dweller. We all live full-time in our vehicles. I enjoy camping by myself but I also enjoy hanging out with like-minded people đŸŒºIMG_6839IMG_6851IMG_6871IMG_6873