Grand It Is!

I was going to head to the Grand Canyon with two friends but decided to head out on my own because one of my friends has to work a little longer in Tucson and can’t meet up until next week and the other one needs work done on his RV. I was too excited to wait any longer and I enjoy exploring on my own so I headed out on my own. I think I went to the Grand Canyon when I was a kid on a family summer RV trip but I don’t remember so even if I did today when I saw the Grand Canyon it felt like it was the first time and it was amazing!  I walked at least a couple of miles along the rim of the Grand Canyon which is pretty good for someone with a fear of heights. The beauty over came some of my fears. Most of the rim trail doesn’t have railings and I was surprised at the number of people that walked out onto the rocks just a feet or two from the edge to take pictures. I thought ‘you people are crazy!’ I saw this girl walk a really narrow rock just to take a selfie. Unfortunately a lot of people have fallen to their deaths over the years, many because they wanted to get the right picture. I saw several elk while I was taking my walk. One even let me go up to it to take a picture, kind of like he was posing for me. It was nice to go to the park before the summer crowds and the summer heat. Most of the people there today were tourists from asian countries and Europe. A lot of foreigners get more vacation time than Americans but my boss gives me a lot of vacation time 😁 I love being my own boss. I think while I am here I am going to do what I did today which was go to the park early in the morning, park at the visitor center, hike and then take the shuttle bus back to my van. They have free shuttle service all around the park. It was nice to have my van there to eat and to rest. A picnic table was right in front of my van so I brought out my propane stove and cooked up a nice meal. My America the Beautiful pass saved me the $30 entrance fee, so I didn’t spend any money going to the park today. I am now camping for free on forest land only half a mile from the south entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. While on the shuttle bus I saw the park campground where everyone is paying to be crammed in right next to each other. A friend of mine is trying to talk me into a campground in the park for one night but I don’t think I can do it. I love the open and free forest 🌿IMG_6640IMG_6645IMG_6647IMG_6650IMG_6651IMG_6655IMG_6664IMG_6668IMG_6670