Awesome Day!

The day started with attending a mediation that was settled to my client’s satisfaction. After the mediation my son called me to tell me he finally received his medical clearance to work on the cruiseship (he had to take several blood tests and have a medical exam to make sure he was fit for working at sea). He may be shipping off this weekend. Since today was my last work meeting I finally got back on the road again and drove to another part of the state to visit my family. My sister and brother-in-law had a birthday party for my dad tonight. I had so much fun at my dads birthday party🎉. I am sleeping in my van in my sister’s driveway tonight. I prefer sleeping in my van but it is almost getting too hot here to sleep in the van. I am looking forward to heading north in a few days for cooler weather in Oklahoma for a music and camping festival and to meet up with my boyfriend❤️