Beautiful Sedona Hiking

I went on another beautiful hike today with my friend that I have been camping with. I haven’t done a lot of hiking lately so I couldn’t hike as far as he did. I also realized that my fake Ugg boots and gym shoes just weren’t cutting it for hiking the hilly terrain over the last several days so I’m going to fork over the approximate $200 needed for some good quality hiking boots at the REI store when I go to Flagstaff. Not very hobo-like of me but I need some good hiking boots because I plan on doing a lot more hiking. Around sunset time we drove up to this spot called Airport Mesa (high flat area next to the airport) to watch the sun setting over the city, which was beautiful. The parking lot attendant told me we could stay overnight there but there were signs posted everywhere that stated ‘no overnight parking’ so we decided not to chance it and went back to camping in the forest which is just outside of town. I have another friend joining us on Monday for a few days. She is driving up from Tucson where she works and lives part time. I met both of my friends while on this awesome van adventure and I have plans to meet up with several more over the next few months. I am happy I found people that are just like me that love exploring new places, having new experiences, spending lots of time outdoors and do not want to stay at campgrounds. Wednesday morning we are going to Flagstaff to get supplies and then after that headed to the Grand Canyon. I am super excited about going to the Grand Canyon 🌼IMG_6468IMG_6527IMG_6542