Courthouse Rock

I went hiking today on trails with views  of Bell rock and Courthouse rock in Sedona with a friend I’ve been camping with that I met early on when I started van dwelling. They name the big rocks here. The Bell rock looks like a bell and the Courthouse rock I guess looks like a courthouse. Of course I had to get a picture of me in front of Courthouse rock. I would much rather be in front of Courthouse rock than an actual courthouse, lots more fun. You have to buy a Red Rock Pass to hang on your rear view mirror in order to park near the trail heads and for the free dispersed camping in the forest, although I never saw anyone checking for them. However, they also accept the America the Beautiful Pass as a Red Rock Pass which is great for me since I have one. That pass paid for itself a long time ago, so worth the $80 annual fee. It is starting to get hot here in the daytime so I may head up to higher elevation soon. I am really enjoying beautiful Sedona though 🌸IMG_6419