Route 66 and the Petrified Forest in Arizona

Over the last several days I drove the iconic Route 66 through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. It is now called I-40 but you can still see remnants of the original road and some of the original buildings. Today I went to the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona that is right off of Route 66. I met a father and son from England at the park who told me that it has been their dream for a long time to come to America to drive Route 66 together. The dad was bragging about the Ford Mustang they rented for their road trip and when he saw me in the parking lot of the visitor center he revved up the engine of the Ford Mustang and had a big smile on his face. I gave him a thumbs up. It made me happy to see them having such a great time together. Part of the park is called the Painted Desert. I sat on a rock and stared at the Painted Desert for a long time because it was so beautiful. Another part of the park is called the Blue Mesa because of the blue tinted rocks. 225 million years ago (we are on this earth for such a small blip of time so go out there and enjoy it) the park used to be lush vegetation with dinosaurs roaming the area. The petrified wood logs in the park were once beautiful trees from the dinosaur era that were covered with sediment and petrified underground which turned the wood into stone. It was so cool to see the stone in the middle of the wood. Due to climate change the lush vegetation is now the desert and lots of fossils were discovered. They have several dinosaurs in the museum that is part of the park. It was such a cool park to go to. I asked a park ranger if I could park overnight anywhere in the park and he told me there was an area right outside the south entrance of the park  that I can park overnight for free so I am there right now. I may move on though to get some more driving in today.  I loved my adventure today 🌻