We are dropping off supplies at the honky-tonk camp

I left Freebird (my van) at Brian’s dad’s house and Brian and I are traveling together in his van to try it out. Last night we listened to some bluegrass music at a bar/coffee house in Austin, Texas and stayed overnight in the van in the parking lot. Brian’s friend is also traveling with us in his van. Today we arrived early at the Old Settlers Music Festival in Driftwood, Texas. We have event and camping tickets but not parking passes for the van in the campground so to get in the campground early Brian’s friend told them “we are dropping off supplies at the honky-tonk camp” and we got in. Everyone likes to name their camp area. We are camping next to the Sketchyville Camp, haven’t met them yet. We don’t have a name for our camp area yet. Everybody is here early. The place is packed. I am looking forward to the festival music and meeting new people. Already met some great people🌺