This weekend I met up with my boyfriend Brian❤️ and a friend of his at a camping and music festival in Oklahoma called Soulklahoma. The first night it rained pretty hard. I was looking out my back van windows at people in tents and was very happy to be in my nice dry van. The weather cleared up but it was pretty much a mudfest with peoples cars getting stuck in the mud and I had to walk through a mixture of mud and cow dung to get to my van. (I still can’t get that stuff out of my toenails even after a shower  – eww!) They had the event on property owned by several local farmers in a rural area outside of Oklahoma City. I had views of cows and horses from my windows which was nicer than my views of the truckstops and Walmarts I have stayed at over the  last week. I liked the music but it was super loud bass pumping music until about four in the morning that my sound machine app wouldn’t even drown out so we left early even though it’s going on all weekend. Within the next few days we are headed to a music and camping festival in Texas called Old Settlers Music Festival. Brian is going to bring his violin to play since they usually have jam sessions around the campground. I am looking forward to it.