Thank you. Thank you very much. Graceland!

When I drove up to Graceland the sign stated it was $10 to park but the lady just waved me through while collecting money from everyone else. Afterwards I realized that she must’ve thought I was there to work since I have a cargo van, so free parking for me πŸ˜€ I loved visiting Graceland. For those who do not know that is where Elvis’s home is along with his cars, airplanes, a museum full of Elvis memorabilia and Elvis himself buried next to his parents and his grandmother. I still remember the day he passed away when I was a kid. Walking through his house I felt like I stepped back into the 70s. I loved the 70s decor. I could picture Elvis living there. I really enjoyed listening to Elvis’s music while I was walking around Graceland. His music is in my head right now. He is gone but his music lives on🎀IMG_6120IMG_6132IMG_6139IMG_6146IMG_6153IMG_6157IMG_6158