Sweet Home Alabama and Boo-Boo Bear is at Sea!

I am staying at a Walmart tonight in Alabama. Walmarts are my first choice to park overnight when traveling between destinations. They are often near the interstate, there are other van dwellers and campers doing the same thing that I can park near and I can go inside to stock up on groceries and other supplies. I also like rest areas since right off the interstate but a lot of states don’t allow overnight parking at rest areas. I took a different route than I did when I traveled from Oklahoma last month. This time I am going through northern Alabama to Memphis, Tennessee because I want to go to Graceland 🎼 and because I just wanted to go a different route to experience something new. After Memphis I am heading West to Oklahoma. I love that  each day I can decide where I want to go  and it can be somewhere new. Today was my son’s (boo-boo bear’s) first day working as a lighting technician on a cruise ship. He will be working the shows and the parties on the ship. He has his own cabin which he wasn’t expecting but is happy to have. He will be at sea for seven months straight before having some time off but will be able to go ashore at all the ports of call which are different depending on the cruise date. He found a career he is passionate about and achieved his dream job at only 20 years old. I also love that it involves travel. He was pretty much raised taking cruises. I’m so happy for him🤗