Tango Lessons and Tornado Sirens

We have been staying at Brian’s dad’s house for the last couple of nights. It is nice to be welcomed into his family member’s homes but I actually sleep better in our van beds, maybe because I’m used to them and we have them set up the way we like them. We usually sleep in Brian’s van and use my van as our kitchen  where we cook and eat our meals and where I get my work done. I took tango lessons with Brian’s dad last night. I love to dance but dancing a specific way to specific music is not my style. I still had fun trying to learn though although I wasn’t that good at it. They had a party afterwards and I met Brian’s dad’s friends who were all very nice and pretty good dancers. Since tornados are common in Oklahoma City they have a tornado test at noon every Saturday in which a loud siren goes off throughout the entire city. I was startled the first time I heard it because I didn’t know anything about it. So glad a real tornado hasn’t hit while I have been here. The vans definitely wouldn’t be the best places for us if it did. If something ever happened to Freebird (the name I gave my van) I would definitely buy another van to live in. I love the freedom my van gives me way too much. Starting tomorrow Brian will have ten days in a row off of work so we are headed to the Ozark Mountains in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  The mountains looks beautiful from the pictures I’ve seen online. I am looking forward to getting back to some hiking and camping in the wilderness.🏔🏞⛺️

Stealth Overnight Camping

My favorite place to camp is on free government land that is quiet and open with beautiful scenery. However, since we are in Oklahoma City until Brian gets enough time off of work to go farther away again (which will be soon) we have to stay in the city. We have stayed at his family members homes for part of the time here. There are some county parks with camping but if you want free overnight camping you have to stay at places that allow it such as most Walmarts (which we did the night before last) or you can stealth camp which means just finding anywhere to park that people will hopefully not notice you sleeping overnight in your vehicle like parking lots at hotels, hospitals, auto repair shops, residential neighborhoods, etc. I only stealth camped once before when I stayed overnight in Tint World’s parking lot in San Antonio, Texas the night before my morning appointment to get my windows tinted. Since we both have cargo vans we can get by with stealth overnight camping since our vans look like work vehicles. We have reflectix to go on the inside of our windows so that people can’t see the lights that well inside. Reflectix also reflects the sun to keep the vans cooler inside. Last night we stayed at a hotel parking lot. It is kind of fun to see what we can get by with but it isn’t my preference for overnight camping. I have met people that stealth camp all the time because of their jobs in the city. You save a ton of money since no rent, mortgage, property taxes or utilities to pay which of course we also do not have to pay. We discussed going into the hotel for their free continental breakfast but that is a hobo line I just won’t cross, so we just walked over to Starbucks for coffee instead of the usual coffee we make in our vans on our propane stoves. When I walked out of the van this morning I felt a little white trashy but at the same time I thought it was pretty funny 😁img_5749