Stealthin’ It and Suspicious Van

Stealth parking is when you park somewhere overnight and try to hide that you’re sleeping in your vehicle. Yesterday I didn’t feel like driving out to the country to my friend’s house where I have been sleeping in my van in his front yard (he offered a room in his house but I like sleeping in my van) because a long drive and I needed to be back in the same area today so I decided to stealth park it near where I was at. I remembered that the homeowner association I used to live at didn’t allow trucks so the residents with trucks parked across the street between this store and a hotel and I never heard of their trucks getting towed so I went to check it out. There were a lot of trucks and some cargo vans like mine there so I parked overnight and I didn’t have any problems. It was near Starbucks so I am now sitting in Starbucks enjoying a nice cup of coffee. I think as a self- respecting van dweller it is my duty to stealth park sometimes😎 A few days ago on my way to my friend’s house in the country I pulled over on a dirt road not far from his house because my cell service isn’t that great at his house and I was talking on the phone. About 15 minutes later the police pulled in behind me with their flashing lights. They told me I looked suspicious because I was half on and half off the road. The road is dirt and so is the side of the road so I didn’t think that is why they lit up their lights behind me so I asked the police officers if it was my van that makes me look suspicious and one of them said “it is a little bit the van”. It seems people are more suspicious of cargo vans when they are in residential neighborhoods especially at night. I guess they scream out ‘kidnapper’ or ‘burglar’. I’ve heard similar stories from other cargo van dwellers. I am still glad I picked a cargo van to convert to my home because I was able to convert it exactly how I wanted it and not having windows on the one side was perfect for my cabinets and sink area.