Van Hammock

I was complaining to my boyfriend about the heat and he suggested I put a hammock in my van like he has in his van. Since we have cargo vans they have areas along the top to hook or tie things too. I only have them in the back now because of my paneling so I hooked one hook to the back and the other hook to rope I tied to my passenger seat handgrip that you grab onto to get into the van because the van seats are higher than cars. It worked out pretty good. It is a lot cooler lying on the the hammock with air blowing underneath and above me. I can also sit on it width wise to look out my side doors, very relaxing too. I just unhook it when I’m done and then store it on my passenger seat. I also now have a hammock to use outside to rope to trees, depending on where I am at. I love my new addition to my home.IMG_5958