Boo Boo Bear!

I was so excited yesterday to see my son (a/k/a Boo Boo Bear) that when I got into town I camped out in my van in his work parking lot waiting for him to get off work. I texted him ‘hobo is in the parking lot’. He started the whole hobo thing when he started calling me a hobo because I told him I wanted to live in a van. So when I was thinking of a name for the blog I had to put hobo in it 😁 I was so happy to see him. It’s been four months since I’ve seen him since that is how long I have been traveling the U.S. in my van, which is one downside to life on the road. He will be living on a cruiseship soon though so he will be off doing the same thing but on a ship. Maybe my wanderlust has rubbed off on him. He is waiting for his medical clearance so that they can assign him a ship and destination. I am camping out in the front yard of a friend’s house while in town, out in the country. My friend told me several times I could sleep in his spare room but I prefer sleeping in my van because I have my van bed just the way I like it and I have everything I need in my van. I love my little home on wheels. I hope to be on the road again in a few weeks  after getting through some work meetings and spending more time with my son. I may not blog much until then.