It should’ve only taken me 2 to 3 days to make it to my destination in but I was too tired to drive one day and traffic was crazy today from what I am assuming is people starting their spring break, people ending their spring break combined with several accidents. The interstate was a parking lot so I finally just pulled my van off to the side of the road and ate lunch, played on the internet, did the dishes, used my toilet, cleaned up the van and took a nap while waiting for traffic to clear up. Definitely an advantage to living in a van. I woke up and hopped in the driver’s seat since traffic was a little better and saw a police officer walking away from my van towards a bus in front of me that broke down. He probably thought I was in an accident with the bus and he knocked on my window and that’s what woke me up. I noticed his flashing lights on his car parked right behind me and I took off because I saw that as an opportunity to get back in traffic since people have to pull a lane over for police vehicles. I hope that was okay 😬 Traffic came to a crawl again so I just got off the road for the night. I found a Walmart not far away that allowed overnight parking and then when I got there realized it was the same Walmart I almost stopped at my first week living in my van that I didn’t stay at because I saw people living in their cars. I pre-judged them to be bad people. Now four months later and having stayed overnight myself in many parking lots and meeting many car dwellers I don’t feel the same way and I am staying the night. There are several car dwellers and rvers here. I am sure some people think I am a wierd van person living in a cargo van and sleeping in parking lots but I honestly don’t care. I love being a van dweller! ❤️🚐IMG_5912