Living in a Car

I am staying overnight at a Walmart. I can only drive about five hours a day and then I’m done for the day, even with breaks. I was just looking out my back windows and noticed several people staying overnight in their cars. They are all parked closest to the edge of the parking lot by these trees and I was wondering if maybe it’s because the trees will be their toilets for the night 😁 I saw an elderly couple get into the back of their small car with their dog to sleep for the night. It got me also wondering if some of these people are living full-time in their cars like I am living full-time in my van and if full-time whether it’s because they’re forced to for financial reasons. I  live full-time in my van because I love traveling. I met a lot of people living full-time in their cars at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. Some were forced to live in their cars for financial reasons and some just wanted a cheap way to travel and cars get better gas mileage. They had a seminar at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous just for people living in their cars. Many of the car dwellers were showing off their cars and how they make it work. I was pretty impressed with some of their setups. That is true minimalism. When I had my Ford Escape I slept in it several times camping in bear country and I was pretty comfy in there, but I don’t think I could do it for more than a weekend. Now the van I love, plenty of room to live in full-time. I’m sure a lot of people think they couldn’t live in a van full-time though but if most people gave away or sold most of their possessions they would find that it’s very easy to live full-time in a van and possibly a car. Everything I own is in my van except for a small box of photos and mementos that I have at a family member’s home. It felt very freeing for me to sell and give away everything I truly didn’t need. I read somewhere to not let your possessions possess you. Backpacking through Colombia and Costa Rica last year just a few months before moving into my van made me realize that I was content with just the possessions in my backpack so I knew I would have absolutely no problem living full-time in a van and I was right.  One of the best decisions I’ve ever made 😊