Parking Lot Hobo

It feels so normal to me to sleep in my van in parking lots of Walmarts and truck stops since I’ve done it many times now. It isn’t just to not pay campground fees. It is  because I just need a place to crash for the night and Walmarts and truck stops are usually close to the interstate when I’m driving between destinations. They are also good places to stock up on food, gas, etc. I started to stay at a Walmart last night in Jackson, Mississippi but something didn’t feel right so I looked at the crime statistics online and found it wasn’t in the best neighborhood. While mulling over whether I should leave a police car came speeding into the parking lot with their lights flashing, so I decided that was a sign I should move on. I found a Loves truck stop not far away and still on my route that seemed like it was in a better neighborhood. I also liked that there were a lot of truckers there and the sounds of all their trucks running was actually relaxing to me. The only thing that wasn’t relaxing was a 5 am wake up call by someone’s car going by without a muffler on it. My sound machine app (called White Noise) won’t drown that out. I couldn’t fall back to sleep so I grabbed a hot coffee and hit the road but didn’t get far because I was too tired. It’s not worth it to get in an accident driving drowsy. I did get some work done though at a nice spot I found off the side of the interstate in a small town. I love that my office and my home is with me wherever I go. A friend of mine said we are like turtles because we carry our homes with us. I am staying overnight at another Walmart tonight in another city that seems nice. Before I stay at Walmarts I call ahead to make sure it’s okay because not all of them allow it. Then when I get there I park in the front and do my shopping while checking out the type of people there which usually gives you a good indication of what type of neighborhood it is. If everything seems okay I park far from the entrance like they usually want you to and then head to the back of the van so people don’t see I am a woman traveling alone. Since I have tinted windows (the darkest you can get) I always feel like I’m conducting police surveillance watching everybody around me while sitting on my van bed 😁