Headed South

I was going to fly back to my former home state and rent a car for a couple of work meetings at the end of March and early April but decided by the time I buy airfare, pay for a rental car and pay for parking at the airport I would be better off just driving and it will be nice to have my van with my own bed to sleep in and the flexibility to leave when I want without incurring airline change fees. I am looking forward to heading to the northern states when the weather warms up soon. Also and more importantly I want to get back earlier to spend time with my son before he takes off for his cruiseship job of which he could be assigned to a ship and destination anywhere in the world any day now. He recently accepted a lighting technician job with Royal Caribbean cruiseline. I am so excited for him that he has his dream job and he gets to travel!  The last couple of days we spent in Beavers Bend State Park in Oklahoma. It is a beautiful state park on a river. Brian headed back to Oklahoma City for his job.IMG_5871