Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

We have been camping in the Ozark National Forest for the last several days. I didn’t have any cell service and internet in the forest so I couldn’t post anything. The first night we stayed at a campground for only $8 and took a walk along a nice river near the campground. It is free to park overnight anywhere in the forest unless posted otherwise or the area is part of one of the paid camping areas so last night we found a spot up on a hill that happened to be next to a cemetery to camp overnight for free. It was a very quiet and peaceful location. Today we took a hike near the cemetery that went to some pretty waterfalls. I am just outside the Ozark National Forest right now where I have cell service and therefore internet access so I can catch up on work. I am heading back into the forest after I get caught up with work so may not be able to post for several more days.  The Ozark National Forest is beautiful🌿IMG_5759IMG_5768IMG_5775IMG_5783