Tango Lessons and Tornado Sirens

We have been staying at Brian’s dad’s house for the last couple of nights. It is nice to be welcomed into his family member’s homes but I actually sleep better in our van beds, maybe because I’m used to them and we have them set up the way we like them. We usually sleep in Brian’s van and use my van as our kitchen  where we cook and eat our meals and where I get my work done. I took tango lessons with Brian’s dad last night. I love to dance but dancing a specific way to specific music is not my style. I still had fun trying to learn though although I wasn’t that good at it. They had a party afterwards and I met Brian’s dad’s friends who were all very nice and pretty good dancers. Since tornados are common in Oklahoma City they have a tornado test at noon every Saturday in which a loud siren goes off throughout the entire city. I was startled the first time I heard it because I didn’t know anything about it. So glad a real tornado hasn’t hit while I have been here. The vans definitely wouldn’t be the best places for us if it did. If something ever happened to Freebird (the name I gave my van) I would definitely buy another van to live in. I love the freedom my van gives me way too much. Starting tomorrow Brian will have ten days in a row off of work so we are headed to the Ozark Mountains in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  The mountains looks beautiful from the pictures I’ve seen online. I am looking forward to getting back to some hiking and camping in the wilderness.🏔🏞⛺️