Camping and YMCA

I enjoyed meeting some more of Brian’s family members. We went to a barbecue at his sister’s house a few days ago. The last two nights we camped on Lake Arcadia in Edmond, Oklahoma since Brian had a couple of days off of work. We had most of the place to ourselves. It is off season for camping here. We took a nice hike yesterday and were sore this morning. We decided we want to workout more and I decided I want to eat a little healthier. Brian is a good influence on me with his healthy eating. I eat healthy for the most part but I love my sweets and bread. We just finished working out at the YMCA. I went as Brian’s guest since he has a gym membership his mom gave him (great vandweller gift). I was pretty impressed with how nice it was. We also took showers there. A lot of vandwellers buy gym memberships for gyms with locations throughout the U.S. so they can workout and have a place to take a hot shower when they are on the road. I may do the same.img_5741img_5745